Sunday, February 17, 2008

The First Weekend in AUwhile

Dear readers, what a weekend it has been. I know I said I would update Friday after the gymnastics meet, but there was so much other stuff that needs to be grouped together in this single blog entry. I will try my best to not bore you. Here goes nothing:

Like I mentioned earlier, a friend's friends came over from UGA for the weekend. Fun group, but they were a little late. After jokingly harassing them for taking a wrong turn or something, we headed to the meet. The meet wasn't really anything special to be honest. Fortunately there were no elementary kids doing the macarana next to me this time. In fact, it looked a lot better for my friends and I to be sitting next to girls our age, quite a bit better. It was a little disappointing to see our school lose, but it was kind of expected. Next time we will win though, so I'm told.

After watching tiny girls flip through the air and taking notes for some awesome new dance moves, we got hungry and proceeded to a local dining establishment (I don't want to endorse this place since it's a chain). Before I continue there is something that needs to be explained: Some things in the universe are inevitable. Examples of those things are: Playing with fire will get you burned; 2 plus 2 is 4; curiosity will kill the cat; single guys meeting a new girl will always flirt. The latter of those held up Firday night. Why it happens I can't explain, but when I sit next to a girl I think is cute I can't really shut up. What makes it worse is the fact I have never met her before so naturally I had the tendency to share my selective life story (just the good stuff). Yeah, I'm sure it was pretty embarassing, but my friend at the end of the table was putting me to shame in the field of flirtation...kind of. Although my gesture to pay for the dinner of girl next to me was pretty good (all she got was water, so I got funny points, I think). All I can say is thank goodness it wasn't awkward.

Not much else happened that night, nothing I can really remember anyways. I was pretty tired and I needed to go to sleep for the next day.

So get this; I woke up at 7 on a Saturday. It was the Big Event, a huge collaboration of community service projects. Basically its was awesome; I felt like I was doing an Eagle project all over again. We went to a preschool or something and did lots of work on the playground. I had a makeshift wheelbarrow and hauled mulch to the playground. Man that was fun (no sarcasm). After a full morning of work we got some pizzas and headed back to the dorm where I took some quick naps dispersed throughout the afternoon on other people's beds. Now pause that thought while I break out the politics.

I will not vote Obama. I can't bring myself to vote for a moderate. It just doesn't seem like a good idea. I want to know whats going to happen with my country and how can I know that if my leader doesn't even know? Sure he has ideas, but my hunch says they won't be able to pass a Congress who is fairly settled on the left. If Obama makes it on the November ballot, I might be tempted to vote McCain...might...maybe...Ron Paul? Boo politics, lets get back to what happened Saturday.

After I woke up some more we tried to plan out the night. With no such luck, we ate pizza across the hall. I was still a little out of it and not in the most talkative of moods, but I tried seeing as how the female presence had set the course of inevitability. Beign quite the indecissive goup we are, we sat around discussign more ideas for the night when all of a sudded I got a call from a friend in the school of architecture. They were playing a game of man-hunt and were wondering if I wanted to play. Since no one else in our group wanted/was dressed to play man-hunt I ran over to Dudley and quickly ran into some bushes after the game started. Long story short, I freaked out some random guy that looked like the finder. After deciding that was a bad idea, we played a couple rounds of Sardines in Dudley. Yeah it was definately fun seeing all the cool architecture projects just lying around. There was one awkward moment though when it was me and, oh lets say Julia, were the last two finders and we were searching for the group. Someone felt the need to say, "Oh my gosh, I thought you two were just going to start making out!" Imagine a quite room and then an awkward cough and you will be underestamating the awkward level in the room. It did make me think though; Julia is cool and all, but I've always thought of her as a friend. I guess it wouldn't be too weird though if anything did happen between us. It might be even be fun for awhile, just as long as we could stay friends afterwards. Anyways, a quick trip to Sonic and that was the night. A very fun night in fact.

Sunday I slept for ever. I missed church again. It's been eating at me all day. I did go to devotional tonight, but it's not what I needed. Why is there this tugging inside me when it comes to church in the morning? It seems to be harder each week to go. I think it's because I'm afraid of what they'll think and say of me since I haven't been there in forever and haven't been a big participant. Or maybe thats what I want to think the reason is; there's got to be something more. Just 3 more months or something till MO. I really really need it.

I want a pic for this blogg. I might find one later. Time to go play CSI: Auburn and do my Anthropology lab. Yay.

Peace and Love

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lazzy Daay

And what a lazy day it was. One class at 9:30 then the rest of the day to do whatever. I know it was Valentine's day and all, but I didn't really feel the festive mood. I liked it in elementary school when we all got cards, not just the rich, popular kids. Still, it really doesn't bother me that much, but here's something that does:

It's a parking ticket from the kind parking nazis of the Auburn Parking Services. For those readers who may be in the dark, my rearview mirror is currently on the fritz, meaning it ain't on my windshield. So I have to make sure my hangtag rests on my dashboard eveytime I park in the garage. Today I found my hang tag partially covered up by my registration sticker and this kind notice under a wiper. I am not happy.

Browsing through digg today, I saw a few headlines claiming McCain supports torture. I have learned from my digging experience that you can't always trust the headlines people post for their article or picture, or at least they only tell part of truth. But these state pretty clearly what the basis of the article is about; McCain really could be a Bush clone. I thought he was a little better than that, but I thought wrong. But it's not like I would have voted Republican anyways, so I guess my opinions of him don't matter too much. Still, you should keep this in mind.

So today my Wikipedia article on Mo Ranch got bumped up to start class! I'm probably a loser for being happy about it, but I worked hard on that thing and I think it needs the respect it deserves. With a bit more work it can b a B class article in about a week. Yay.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. It's the gymnastics meet versus Georgia and everyone knows I am the gymnastics team's number one fan. I'll be sure to give a detailed report of the event tomorrow, but not just because of the meet. Also because of a friend's friends are coming into town, and they all happen to be female. Hmm... Nah, they aren't for me. They are cool people though, so it should be a fun weekend.

Well readers, lunch with Lucy will have to wait. There just isn't an easy way to do this is there? Maybe it's a sign. I hope not; I don't think I can deal with that at the moment.

William is gonna get it Tuesday. Not just by me, but he kinda ticked off some people tonight with his absence. He's kinda sketch sometimes.

Duces, now with 53% more Love (Only because it's V-Day, though)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

(was) At a loss for words

I took this picture to try to show how cold it was/is outside. I'd like to point a few things out:

  • Dead/bare tree
  • the green to brown ratio of the grass is depressingly low, probably below 1
  • nice cloud cover
  • next to no one

Yeah it was definately 34 degrees all day today. Quite depressing, but fitting. Don't bother asking, I'm going to tell you anyways.

So there are four certain people in the world and we shall call them ex-girlfriends. One is a little strange but an awesome friend, one is kinda distant but still cool, one I have recently made peace with, and the last one, the recent one, is the problem maker. Distance really puts a damper on a relationship, but only fuels animosity...I guess.

About a week ago I got a text from her saying she misses me. No particular reason; just an out-of-the-blue message. To put things into perspective, readers, I broke up with her. I have reasons for that, but they don't need be discussed right now, not unless this is a persistent problem. Well, today I practically get cussed out with texts by her saying that I'm such an a**hole and how f****** stupid I am (I gave up cussing for lent). She has this tactic of hers where she wants to think that I think she thinks I think of her as stupid, dumb, not worth it, etc. It's the same tactic I kind of got tired of in our relationship. Then, get this, if I don't respond promptly (about 3sec), she gets it into her mind that I actually do think of her like that. So I end up in this hole, corner, what have you where I'm left dumbfounded and speechless. I'm staying away from the drama queens from now on.

Does anyone else out there digg? It was semi-depressing on digg today too. The headlines were filled with the whole telecomm amnesty issue. Well, I'm not happy about it either, but I don't think I'd go so far as to say I feel ashamed to be an American. There are so many other things about living here that I like than those that I don't. Mary is proud to be an American, so I am too. And to be a little more realistic, I don't think we are headed for a fascist government. Seriously people, yellow journalism, have you heard of it?

The sun did make an appearance towards the end of today, which is also fitting. I'm currently in the process of setting up a lunch with the girl I've got a thing for (from now on we'll call her Lucy since I don't know any Lucys; confidentiality and all that jazz). Her class schedule for Fridays is actually quite atrocious; I coudn't deal with it. Anyways, I'm gonna need some luck for this. In all actuality I've never actually asked girl that I wasn't already going out with on a date. And if it's always like this I hope I find a girlfriend quick because its turning out to be quite nerve-racking, not to mention frustrating. Oh well, she should be worth it.

I didn't mean to post today, but there was so much interesting stuff going on. Oh, and if you haven't seen it, check out the turtle video. It isn't awesome, but if you think about the small fraction of baby sea turtles that actually make it to the water, it makes it slightly more meaningful...ish.

Happy Birthday Twins! Have fun partying it up in Texas. Miss y'all.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wipe off the dusty mirror

So people always tell me that old people are the "wise sages" of our time. Most of the time I run into an elderly person (save the grands), I find this curmudgeonly attitude. But tonight I chatted it up with a one Mary of age 88. She made me realize old people aren't really that wise, they just tell you the things you already know at the right time. We had a nice talk about the most random topics, but one thing she said was to just laugh all the time because life is too short. Well duh! But she somehow knew with that E.S.P. that old people get with age that I needed to hear that. Last night I started realizing some things. I shouldn't be so concerned with strugling for an awesome social life, or at least not as much as I have been. I mean, I have friends that I'm proud to call friends, but lately I've been reverting back to that mindset of trying to be someone I'm not in order to impress someone. Like an economic flux, I've changed back to being content with what I have... sort of. That isn't to say I wouldn't like more. So here we go:

Church, or the lack of lately, has had this wierd impact on me. I find myself wanting to go but not wanting to wake up. That isn't me. I can't help but feel guilty for it too. I can't wait for Mo.

My new friend Mary also asked me if I had a girl. I told her no, but she kept asking questions like why not and what about that one over there. Even though I wouldn't have minded "that one over there," I told her there is another one I have my eye on. Dear readers, even in this epic phase shift of mentality I can't just give her up. The more I talk to her though the more I think she like someone else, someone more her type. Don't you guys hate that? I wish Mary could talk to her and tell her how great of a guy I am.

Ok, so I've got the girl thing and the other stuff out of my system. I think next time I will try to express my opinions on something important. I should ask Mary what she thinks.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hello World

Yes, I have done a little programming in my day. I have always wanted an honest-to-goodness bona fide blog, and here it is. There is so much on my mind that needs to be released. I dont know how many people will see this. I don't really care. I just need to know that its out there. I'm ready to learn the tricks of the trade of blogging. Wish me luck.