Sunday, February 17, 2008

The First Weekend in AUwhile

Dear readers, what a weekend it has been. I know I said I would update Friday after the gymnastics meet, but there was so much other stuff that needs to be grouped together in this single blog entry. I will try my best to not bore you. Here goes nothing:

Like I mentioned earlier, a friend's friends came over from UGA for the weekend. Fun group, but they were a little late. After jokingly harassing them for taking a wrong turn or something, we headed to the meet. The meet wasn't really anything special to be honest. Fortunately there were no elementary kids doing the macarana next to me this time. In fact, it looked a lot better for my friends and I to be sitting next to girls our age, quite a bit better. It was a little disappointing to see our school lose, but it was kind of expected. Next time we will win though, so I'm told.

After watching tiny girls flip through the air and taking notes for some awesome new dance moves, we got hungry and proceeded to a local dining establishment (I don't want to endorse this place since it's a chain). Before I continue there is something that needs to be explained: Some things in the universe are inevitable. Examples of those things are: Playing with fire will get you burned; 2 plus 2 is 4; curiosity will kill the cat; single guys meeting a new girl will always flirt. The latter of those held up Firday night. Why it happens I can't explain, but when I sit next to a girl I think is cute I can't really shut up. What makes it worse is the fact I have never met her before so naturally I had the tendency to share my selective life story (just the good stuff). Yeah, I'm sure it was pretty embarassing, but my friend at the end of the table was putting me to shame in the field of flirtation...kind of. Although my gesture to pay for the dinner of girl next to me was pretty good (all she got was water, so I got funny points, I think). All I can say is thank goodness it wasn't awkward.

Not much else happened that night, nothing I can really remember anyways. I was pretty tired and I needed to go to sleep for the next day.

So get this; I woke up at 7 on a Saturday. It was the Big Event, a huge collaboration of community service projects. Basically its was awesome; I felt like I was doing an Eagle project all over again. We went to a preschool or something and did lots of work on the playground. I had a makeshift wheelbarrow and hauled mulch to the playground. Man that was fun (no sarcasm). After a full morning of work we got some pizzas and headed back to the dorm where I took some quick naps dispersed throughout the afternoon on other people's beds. Now pause that thought while I break out the politics.

I will not vote Obama. I can't bring myself to vote for a moderate. It just doesn't seem like a good idea. I want to know whats going to happen with my country and how can I know that if my leader doesn't even know? Sure he has ideas, but my hunch says they won't be able to pass a Congress who is fairly settled on the left. If Obama makes it on the November ballot, I might be tempted to vote McCain...might...maybe...Ron Paul? Boo politics, lets get back to what happened Saturday.

After I woke up some more we tried to plan out the night. With no such luck, we ate pizza across the hall. I was still a little out of it and not in the most talkative of moods, but I tried seeing as how the female presence had set the course of inevitability. Beign quite the indecissive goup we are, we sat around discussign more ideas for the night when all of a sudded I got a call from a friend in the school of architecture. They were playing a game of man-hunt and were wondering if I wanted to play. Since no one else in our group wanted/was dressed to play man-hunt I ran over to Dudley and quickly ran into some bushes after the game started. Long story short, I freaked out some random guy that looked like the finder. After deciding that was a bad idea, we played a couple rounds of Sardines in Dudley. Yeah it was definately fun seeing all the cool architecture projects just lying around. There was one awkward moment though when it was me and, oh lets say Julia, were the last two finders and we were searching for the group. Someone felt the need to say, "Oh my gosh, I thought you two were just going to start making out!" Imagine a quite room and then an awkward cough and you will be underestamating the awkward level in the room. It did make me think though; Julia is cool and all, but I've always thought of her as a friend. I guess it wouldn't be too weird though if anything did happen between us. It might be even be fun for awhile, just as long as we could stay friends afterwards. Anyways, a quick trip to Sonic and that was the night. A very fun night in fact.

Sunday I slept for ever. I missed church again. It's been eating at me all day. I did go to devotional tonight, but it's not what I needed. Why is there this tugging inside me when it comes to church in the morning? It seems to be harder each week to go. I think it's because I'm afraid of what they'll think and say of me since I haven't been there in forever and haven't been a big participant. Or maybe thats what I want to think the reason is; there's got to be something more. Just 3 more months or something till MO. I really really need it.

I want a pic for this blogg. I might find one later. Time to go play CSI: Auburn and do my Anthropology lab. Yay.

Peace and Love

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