Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lazzy Daay

And what a lazy day it was. One class at 9:30 then the rest of the day to do whatever. I know it was Valentine's day and all, but I didn't really feel the festive mood. I liked it in elementary school when we all got cards, not just the rich, popular kids. Still, it really doesn't bother me that much, but here's something that does:

It's a parking ticket from the kind parking nazis of the Auburn Parking Services. For those readers who may be in the dark, my rearview mirror is currently on the fritz, meaning it ain't on my windshield. So I have to make sure my hangtag rests on my dashboard eveytime I park in the garage. Today I found my hang tag partially covered up by my registration sticker and this kind notice under a wiper. I am not happy.

Browsing through digg today, I saw a few headlines claiming McCain supports torture. I have learned from my digging experience that you can't always trust the headlines people post for their article or picture, or at least they only tell part of truth. But these state pretty clearly what the basis of the article is about; McCain really could be a Bush clone. I thought he was a little better than that, but I thought wrong. But it's not like I would have voted Republican anyways, so I guess my opinions of him don't matter too much. Still, you should keep this in mind.

So today my Wikipedia article on Mo Ranch got bumped up to start class! I'm probably a loser for being happy about it, but I worked hard on that thing and I think it needs the respect it deserves. With a bit more work it can b a B class article in about a week. Yay.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. It's the gymnastics meet versus Georgia and everyone knows I am the gymnastics team's number one fan. I'll be sure to give a detailed report of the event tomorrow, but not just because of the meet. Also because of a friend's friends are coming into town, and they all happen to be female. Hmm... Nah, they aren't for me. They are cool people though, so it should be a fun weekend.

Well readers, lunch with Lucy will have to wait. There just isn't an easy way to do this is there? Maybe it's a sign. I hope not; I don't think I can deal with that at the moment.

William is gonna get it Tuesday. Not just by me, but he kinda ticked off some people tonight with his absence. He's kinda sketch sometimes.

Duces, now with 53% more Love (Only because it's V-Day, though)

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