Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wipe off the dusty mirror

So people always tell me that old people are the "wise sages" of our time. Most of the time I run into an elderly person (save the grands), I find this curmudgeonly attitude. But tonight I chatted it up with a one Mary of age 88. She made me realize old people aren't really that wise, they just tell you the things you already know at the right time. We had a nice talk about the most random topics, but one thing she said was to just laugh all the time because life is too short. Well duh! But she somehow knew with that E.S.P. that old people get with age that I needed to hear that. Last night I started realizing some things. I shouldn't be so concerned with strugling for an awesome social life, or at least not as much as I have been. I mean, I have friends that I'm proud to call friends, but lately I've been reverting back to that mindset of trying to be someone I'm not in order to impress someone. Like an economic flux, I've changed back to being content with what I have... sort of. That isn't to say I wouldn't like more. So here we go:

Church, or the lack of lately, has had this wierd impact on me. I find myself wanting to go but not wanting to wake up. That isn't me. I can't help but feel guilty for it too. I can't wait for Mo.

My new friend Mary also asked me if I had a girl. I told her no, but she kept asking questions like why not and what about that one over there. Even though I wouldn't have minded "that one over there," I told her there is another one I have my eye on. Dear readers, even in this epic phase shift of mentality I can't just give her up. The more I talk to her though the more I think she like someone else, someone more her type. Don't you guys hate that? I wish Mary could talk to her and tell her how great of a guy I am.

Ok, so I've got the girl thing and the other stuff out of my system. I think next time I will try to express my opinions on something important. I should ask Mary what she thinks.

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